Friday, March 31, 2017

Tuna Canyon Purification Ceremony

Konkokyo minister Alfred Tsuyuki performed the ceremony, scattering salt and rice paper confetti in front of the wooden altar honoring World War II detainees.  More than 2,500 Japanese and other citizens of foreign descent were held at the beginning of WWII, but little evidence of that episode is visible on what is now the present site of the Verdugo Hills Golf Course.  Only the oak trees remain.

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  1. Ms. Higuchi.

    I met you at this year's 4th Annual Community Engagement Symposium @ CSUDH where you spoke with Dr. Hata.

    How can I order your cards? I bought 2 from you at the campus event at CSUDH on 4/3/17 early last week, but I seem to have misplaced them since. 310-739-4671 Brent (I am Douglas Stenhouse's son; recall, he used to paint with you and Mr. Fukuhara).