Friday, January 23, 2015


The packer and shipper came to pick up 22 paintings for the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation and Interpretive Center.  I will have a one woman show from February to May 26. I have included 3 new paintings in that collection.  Series 32 is a 8"x 8" mixed media painting done on Masonite board.  It is a painting I did of Heart Mountain, the interpretive center, guard tower and hospital's red brick chimney.

             Executive Order 9066, Series 32.  Heart Mountain #1.  Mixed media on board 
8" x8"

The second painting, Turmoil at Heart Mountain. is an abstract painting, representing the resistance at Heart Mountain that challenged the constitutionality of their imprisonment and demanded freedom as a condition of their conscription into the U.S. Army.

    Executive Order 9066, Series 33. Turmoil at Heart Mountain.
 Mixed media on mat board. 12" x 12"

The third painting titled Heart Mountain #2, features the iconic symbols of Heart Mountain--the mountain, the hospital with the red brick chimney, the guard tower and the interpretive center--are painted in big interlocking shapes. 

  Executive Order 9066, Series 34. Heart Mountain #2. Acrylic on paper. 30" x 22".