Monday, August 25, 2014

Good Summer News

The Summer 2014 edition of Acrylic Artist features one of my paintings, Suppression of Evidence. The article is titled Behind the Canvas:  Every Picture Tells A Story  (page 120).  I think you'll find this magazine very informative, featuring many artists I truly admire.

E. O. 9066, Series 25. Naïve Newcomers shows a group of incarcerees dressed in their Sunday best as they arrive at their destination. How anguishing could it  have been to find poorly-constructed barracks, guard towers and barbed wire fences around them?    These same people were incarcerated, along with 120,000 other Nikkei (Japanese Americans), in concentration camps for the duration of World War II.

Executive Order 9066, Series 25.  Naïve Newcomers. 
Watercolor on paper,  22" x 30

Okaasan's Journey is a painting about my mother's life.  Her life of hardship, and determination to make life better for her children, will never be forgotten as this story will be passed on for generations.  Kodomo no tame ni ...for the sake of the children.

Executive Order 9066, Series 26.  Okaasan's Journey. 
Watercolor on paper,  22"x 30"

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