Monday, March 24, 2014


In January, I was able to take a 3 day workshop with Kathleen Conover from Michigan.  Kathleen is an award winning artist and I have always admired her paintings with multiple layers of color and texture. I have been intrigued with her technique, imbued with symbolism and a very personal reflection of her observations.  From our conversations, Kathleen and I found that we are alike in many ways in our interest in the art world and our pursuit of art education.

I completed two small pieces in her class.  With our textured background, we were to integrate a composition to go with it.  My finished piece, Imprisoned, came as a result of the background of tangled gauge print.  I imagined myself trapped in that tangled mess with the barracks and guard tower in the background.

Executive Order 9066, Series, 20:  Imprisoned

The second painting had textures that looked like rocks, so what came to my mind was the rock garden of Manzanar.

Executive Order 9066, Series 21: Manzanar Rock Garden

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